Osaka Butsudan has a history of over 1000 years.

The mark certifies that Osaka Butsudan is a traditional craft designated by the Minister of International Trade and Industry.

Osaka Butsudan, it is said, dates back to the Asuka Era (7th century) when with the introduction of Buddhism came sculptors of Buddhist image and carpenters from Kudara (Korea) to Naniwazu (the Port of Osaka). There is a record showing that in about 1580 Buddhist altar fittings of Ishiyama Honganzi Temple were made in Naniwazu. "Syokoku Kaimono Chohoki" (Shopping Diary in various countries), written in the fifth year of Genroku (1692), says that Naniwa (Osaka as it was called in earlier times) prospered as the center of Buddhist altars and altar fittings.

Outstanding features of Osaka Butsudan can be found in device and techniques of Takumis (experts in various fields); some parts are given Taka Makies (embossed gilt lacquer) as if metal ornaments were used, taking into consideration the protection of the damage to the Kiji (wood texture) by the rust of metal fittings.

Osaka altars, invented in the nature and climate of Naniwa (Osaka as it was called in earlier times) in ancient times and developed in the history and tradition, enjoy its unequaled reputation today as the traditional craft designated by the Minister of International Trade and Industry. Based on inherited excellent taste and craftsmanship, "Echizen'ya" is always prepared to provide high-quality altars which we believe will enable you to enjoy comfort and flavor in your daily life.


Why not purchase what you most now!

You are most recommended to buy an alter when you really want to buy one. It is often said that you are supposed to buy an altar or altar fittings on an anniversary day or on a memorial service day in order to prevent the deceased from haunting you, which is just a superstition.

The most ideal day is when you want to buy an altar. There is in Buddhism a teaching, "Heisei Goujou", meaning that a set of daily deeds determines whether you will be happy or unhappy in the future. It is Buddha that watches your deeds and gives you wisdom. You are, therefore, supposed to have an altar while your family is in good health, and to serve Buddha wholeheartedly.